Final Verdict Tottenham 4 – 0 Liverpool

18 Sep

As said in the preview to this match two of the key clashes on the pitch of this afternoon’s game were Kaboul vs. Suarez and Modric vs. Adam with the later being identified as they battle to who would dominate the match.

Unfortunately for Liverpool, Tottenham easily won both battles even before Liverpool went to 10 then 9 men on the pitch with the excellent Modric being the man of the match backed up by his stats on FourFourTwo’s an Opta’s StatsZone.


It was good to see two relatively classic 4-4-2’s on display today as opposed to the now traditional 4-2-3-1.  Tottenham who, while having some exceptionally talented players have felt  soft through the middle lacking that quality holding midfielder and goal keeper in particular.  However with a core of Friedal, a fit again King, Parker, Modric and Adebeyor support by Van der Vaart, Bale, Lennon and an improving Kaboul ,Tottenham has a genuine top four core.

Where you might expect Adebayor to be the furthest player forward acting as a target man he played the No 10 role dropping deep and linking the midfield.  In total Adebayor received 83 passes and complete 63 (90%!) add to that creating 3 chances and having 5 shots, 3 on target and 2 goals Adebayor was without doubt striker of the weekend.

Dalglish tried to counter the pace of Bale by overloading the right with Henderson occupying an inside right defensive position and Downing playing right wing.  It can only be assumed Dalglish wanted to try and push Bale back to support Assou-Ekotto making a 2 against two with Henderson who only completed 4 out 15 forward passes all match. Instead Bale was left 1 on 1 against an inadequate Skrtel who was sent off for two fouls on Bale.

Modric vs. Adam

Adam not only had his worst game for Liverpool it was also his worst passing performance since playing in the Premier League with only 7 out of 13 passes successful. As highlighted in the preview one of his main weaknesses is his habit of giving away fouls in his own area which resulted in him receiving 2 yellow cards the second of which against Parker who alongside Modric looks like the ideal CM pairing.
by Guardian Chalkboards

Modric himself was a clear man of the match completing 96/104  passes, receiving the ball 102 times and scoring a truly wonder goal.  Due to the shape played by Liverpool Modric was able to exploit the spaces left which poor old Lucas tried to plug  spreading the ball left to right.  In  addition Parker provided the excellent foil which was showed by him having 0 shots but making 3/5 tackles and 3 interceptions with a pass success rate of  90% to boot.


After the sending of Adam and then Skrtel there was little else Liverpool could do, even with 11 men on the pitch I still don’t think they would  of been able to match Tottenham who will now feel top 4 is a genuine reality this season if they can keep King, Parker and Adebeyar fit.  For Dalglish this game may well serve as a reality to check who may well need Gerrard to come into the middle of the park
to provide genuine class .


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