Modern day David vs. Goliath

23 Sep

Manchester City vs. Everton KO 12.45

Probably the biggest game of the weekend this will be an interesting test for both clubs with Manchester City coming of what would be
viewed as a disappointing 2-2 draw with Fulham and Everton suddenly buoyed by a deserved but late 3-1 win to Wigan.

Two teams at the opposite ends of the spectrum one spending in access of £75m on 6 players (including Owen Hargreaves) including the likes of Nasri and Aguero who looks to be a world class player, and the other only being able to make making 3 loan signings including an unknown Argentinean striker and a reserve player from Real Madrid. Manchester City vs. Everton is true modern day David vs. Goliath.

With Bill Kenwright openly admitting that Everton had no money to bring in new recruits during the summer and then losing Arteta and Beckford from an already small squad this season looked as though it could be a bridge to far for the excellent Moyes to keep Everton moving in the right direction. However suddenly with a 7 points in 4 games with a run of 2 wins and a draw and 6 goals scored Everton may have a couple of new names to be excited about with Young Barkley looking like a potential star in the making and the Argentine Stracqualursi looking like he definitely knows where the goal is.

Manchester City had until last week, taken the Premier League by storm seemingly in a goal scoring gun fight with their bitter rivals Manchester United to see who could get the most.  Some of City’s performances have been simply stunning with the new acquisitions of Nasri and Aguero sparking the excellent David Silva back into life as a three prong attack playing of Dzeko.  However, with City now having to balance the Premier League with Champions League football we may start to see City becoming less fluid as Mancini starts to chop and change the starting 11, which has been seen with City drawing first against Napoli and then against Fulham.

Stats Zone Analysis

Area to exploit – Everton’s Weak Right

Everton’s weak area is their right hand side conceding 3 out of their 5 goals from this side.  In addition the opposition teams have made 38 vs. 19 crosses and 16 successful take-ons down the Everton right.  It will be vital for Hibbert and Fellaini in particular to reduce the space available for Silva in this channel to allow Coleman the opportunity to provide support to Cahill and Osman.  If Everton can
reduce the space for Silva and Aguero to link up on this side they will have a chance of winning.

Key Area – Everton’s Centre

Manchester City are a different team this season playing fluent attacking football as opposed to the more cautious tactics employed last season scoring 17 goals and having 114 shots. Interestingly only one of City’s goals have come from a cross (baring corners) considering the forward nature of the FBs.  The Chalkboard shows two great examples of a long build up switching sides before a change in speed with a split ball between the CB and LB.  Everton will need to ensure there is protection from the two CMs for the CBs with either Osman or Cahill being required to drop in to make 3 in the middle. However Everton have been excellent defensively through the middle this season as shown against Wigan.


While I fully expect Manchester City to win this game, if Everton can keep this area and their left tight Everton to potentially steel a win keeping up their impressive record against City.  However, if Hibbert and Fellaini in particular are not disciplined in their tackling and shape Manchester City will run riot with Aguero bagging another brace.


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