6 Goal Game with Sweepers

10 May

Set Up

Pitch size 60 (wide) x 40 (length)

6 gates x 6yrds

2 teams 8 v 8 with 7 outfielders and 1 sweeper behind the 3 gates.


To score a goal in one of the three gates.  Reds attack the 3 gates protected by the blue sweeper and Blues attack the 3 gates protected by the Red sweeper. 

The two sweepers stay behind the gates but can move along the line to act as a blocker to prevent the other team scoring.  Teams can only score in a gate that the sweeper is not stood in. 

Key Points

  1. Can the attacking team move the ball quickly to displace the sweeper from the gates and score quickly.
  2. Can deep players play pass-set with forward players to create shooting opportunities.
  3. Create ‘player gates’ to pass ball through to turn defenders
  4. Can attackers players play of should of defender
  5. Can deep players be brave and attack space to draw in defenders
  6. Can the wide players create 2v1 overload
  7. Can central players inter-change positions in real time to create fluidity in attack.



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