Building Play from a Throw In

11 May

Set Up

Full size pitch

2 gates 10yrds to be placed  past half way line by the players.


Blue team starts possession from a throw in (let players decide where they want to start) and aim to pass ball to outlet players between the two gates. Red team defends the gates and aims to win the ball to counter attack and score in the goal.

Key Points for the Blue Team

  1. Create an attacking opportunity as quickly as possible
  2. To gain more territory
  3. Retain possession

Starting Position

Anywhere along either touch line allow the players to decide where they want to start.  Change the player who throws the ball in between Full Backs, Wingers and Centre Midfielders to replicate real play.

Allow attacking team to decide where the two gates should be positioned.  E.g. Two wide gates, one wide one narrow.  Ask the players to think where the key spaces will be to break out to.

Remember the position you start will decide the type of throw and the position of the target players.

Allow play to flow to create real situations for the players to react to.

Phase 1: 8 v 5 + 2 outlet players

Start the game with an over load of 7 out fielder players and Goal Keeper vs 5 defenders.  Position 2 outlet players between the gates.  By playing with an over load this should encourage the players to make the pitch big and take risks when receiving the ball to pull defenders tight.

Make sure players on the opposite side of the pitch make big angles to allow a quick switch to score in the gate.


  1. When the ball is played to the outlet can you break quickly into the other half and score from a cross/thought ball etc…
  2. Take away the outlet players and play 8 vs 7.  Attackers have to score by either dribbling between the gates or playing  a team mate into the space.  Let the players decide the situation.
  3. Obvious but change the position of where the ball is thrown in!

Key Points

You may have set ideas for movements you want from your players at the throw in but allow the player to experiment giving time of both the attackers and defenders to discuss how they are going to deal with the situation. DON’T JUST GIVE THEM THE ANSWER

Don’t forget the importance of the Goal keeper as the will often be the outlet player.  Ensure he is comfortable enough to receive the ball and that he and the other players are confident he will be able to pass the ball out.

Are your outfield players confident to receive the ball under pressure.  Remember of your marked there must be a space somewhere else to exploit.

Where is the space to play the ball?

Ensure the team moves as a unit e.g. Goalkeeper pushes up to act as a sweeper. Full backs kuck in when required and provide maximum width at the right time.


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